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Titus Macchius Plautus E-mail

We know little about Plautus's life (born in Sarsina in 259/251 B.C. and dead in Rome in 184 B.C.). He probably lost in some trade the money he had earned by translating from greek and maybe as an actor and director, and so he resigned himself to turning a millwheel. In that period he was caught again by love for theatre and, willing to improve his position, he wrote two comedies, Saturno and Addictus , which provided him with approval and money, so that he was able to leave his humble job and dedicate himself to theatre. We have twenty-one comedies surely attributed to him (the most played are Anfitrione , Bacchides , Miles gloriosus , Pseudolus , Menaechmi ). Even though referring to Greek comedies, Plautus put on the stage multiple aspects of Roman society with unequalled freshness and liveliness.

Every summer in Sarsina a cycle of classical plays is organized in a modern "Plautine Arena".