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ImageLezoux is a small town of 5.000 people and it is located at the centre of France in eastern Auvergne, on the side of the large Limagne plain, between Clermont-Ferrand and Thiers.

Economy is bound to industry and especially the big Michelin factory which is set in Clermont-Ferrand.

In ancient times it was the biggest centre for pottery.
In the Gaulish-Roman age more than 1200 ceramists produced pottery inspired to italic techniques, and particularly to the one called "sealed earth" with a red gloss paint. After archaeological digging, tens of kilns were found and a number of fragments. All of this is set in the Archaeological Museum.
Besides, the most beautiful pottery from Lezoux is in the Saint Germain en Lave Museum, in Paris suburbs.
ImageSome years ago the production of artistic pottery resumed.

Beyond the archaeological museum you can see St Augustine Convent (XV century), the present base of the town hall (photo), and St George Tower and Chapel (XII century), which are the remains of the ancient fortress.

Lezoux is 950 Km far from Sarsina and you can join it by the motorway Lyon-Clermont Ferrand.


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