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ImageGrebenstein is a nice city of approximately 6000 inhabitants. It was founded in the XV century in Assia Land, in the province of Kassel, in the centre of Germany.

It still has that sort of "ancient little towns romanticism".

The town hall, the castle, the small church, the ancient gates and walls are very interesting and still well-preserved, as well as the seven towers which confer on Grebenstein an unmistakable profile.

There are more than 200 Saxon wattle houses (XVI-XVII century) in the town centre which are really typical.

The Ackerburgermuseum is worth a visit because it shows how people lived in Assia region; you are also recommended to see Kasseler Wilhelmshohe, one of the biggest baroque parks in Europe, and William Valley.

ImageAs for nature, Grebenstein claims "Sababurg Manor" with its adjacent big wildlife park, and a number of excursions to be done between woods and streams. Besides, the Fulda and Weser rivers allow romantic boat trips.

Economy is bound to industry (e.g. Volkswagen in Kessel) and to services.

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